Sicilian gastronomy Turin

  • Yield : 1 plate
  • Portions : 1
  • Preparation : 10m
  • Cooking : 10m
  • Ready in : 15m


  • the taste of tradition to the present day
  • Sicily under your House
  • Give us this day our daily SIN
  • Sweet and savory dishes of Sicilian cuisine


  • Do your SIN
  • A sin per day, keeps the doctor away
  • How to eat at home by aunt…


Stages of preparation

Phase 1

The dishes we offer are manufactured by Sicilian cuisine made by choosing the ingredients directly from Sicily to package them in Turin

Phase 2

You can find Sicilian dishes to take home, consume in gastronomy or the streets of Turin. Or you might decide to organize a reception or party bringing the taste of our sweet or savoury dishes straight to your home or work.

Phase 3

Here in Turin, don't just sell savoury dishes and sweets but also the warmth of our land, the emotions of the homemade preparation. We love to pamper our customers talking about recipes, the quality of ingredients, the traditions and everything that season in a unique way the taste of eating well

Phase 4

The typical gastronomy of Sicily SICILIAN SINS and his staff are waiting for you at Turin in v. Pollenzo, 10/G to make you enjoy the taste of Sicily directly under your home!


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